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For the New Business Owner

Thank you for choosing the City of
Kingston as the location for your new business or business expansion. Below is a fact sheet and check list to guide you in obtaining the necessary approvals and permits from the City.

Zoning and Planning

The property where your business is to be located must be in compliance with current zoning by-laws as it applies to your particular type of business. This applies to all businesses, including home occupations. Call Suzanne Cahill, Planning Director 
334-3955 or Email  for more information.

 Building Permits

A building permit is necessary to begin construction, renovation or demolition of any building or storefront. It means that the City of Kingston has reviewed the plans for any new structure, addition or renovation. Plans must comply with the Uniform Fire Prevention and building Code within the City of Kingston.If you are the owner or a renter of a property in the Historic District an approval from the Local Historic Landmarks Preservation Commission is required before a building permit is issued. If you are locating your business in the Midtown Broadway Overlay District all changes to the building façade must be approved by the Heritage Area Commission. For more information on altering or renovating a designated property, contact the Building Department at: 5 Garraghan Drive, 845-331-1217 or Email 

 Sign – Lighting – Awning Approvals

The final step in opening a new business is the installation of your sign, lights or awning. Even if you were not required to get a building permit any new sign, lights or awning on your storefront or building will require approval by either the Historic Landmarks Preservation Commission or the Heritage Area Commission.

Historic Districts:

Business locating in the Uptown or Rondout Historic district must present their design(s) to the Landmarks Commission. Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month in Conference Room 1, City Hall, 420 Broadway. To aid you in the design process go to: for more information.

To see if your business is located in a Historic district go to: for more information


Business locating in the Midtown business district must follow the Midtown Design standards. For an overview go to: . Any changes to the façade of the building or storefront must be approved by the Heritage Area Commission. The Commission meets every fourth Wednesday of the month at the KingstonAreaVisitorCenter at 20 Broadway.

You can make an application for any type of permit, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at:Building  Department
City of Kingston
Located at
1 Garraghan Drive

Or go online for forms and applications: